Special Interest Books

Got a "coffee table book", something complex, best presented with audio, video or other media elements... and "impossible"  to digitize?  Time to take another look.

Horace HeidtHere is the scenario:

  • a coffee-table book (landscape orientation)
  • 377 pages long
  • 64 audio clips
  • 31 video clips
  • must be available on all (multimedia-enabled) devices (iPad, tablets, phones, etc...)

"How much and how long?"

"Give us 2 weeks and we'll do it for free."

They were given the choice of doing it for free, but giving us a bit larger of the profits, or keeping more for themselves by paying ahead some (putting some skin in the game) and reaping a larger share.

This just shows one example of the very many things we can do.  The cost options are yours... the sales channels are up to you... and we haven't seen a job which is too difficult to do, so far.

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