What we do

We take your project (a PDF file), your media elements (audio, video, etc...), and make the digital version that you have envisioned. Our approach is to do the work for free and share revenue.  You also retain all rights to your work.

We are experts at marrying AR/VR with digital textbooks, understanding the entire ecosystem from hardware and LMS, to learning outcomes and efficacy.



About pricing

We see the revenue share as an equal, 4-way split. That is, there are 4 major parts to every digital project, and all need to be accounted for. The publisher is bringing the content, and typically gets 25% of the net revenue for that. If the publisher has existing sales channels, the possibility is to reap 50% of net. This means shares and splits will vary from 25-50%, depending on the sales channels, your strength in the market and your desire to get into other markets you may not be presently reaching.

25% - content (your work)
25% - digitization (bringing everything to life, our personnel transforming your work into a digital offering)
25% - hosting/platform (maintenance and development of the platform, ecommerce, app development, web fees and so on)
25% - sales (to you, if sales happen because of you, or to a reseller in another country igniting sales)

About Us

DEC Publishing produces digital books and provides publishers, authors, and content creators alike the opportunity to take the materials they have created, and deliver them to a global audience, in an interactive, digital form. We come from a teaching background, ensuring that educational, teacher and student needs are attended to and maintained.  Speed to market, pricing and scalability are primary movers for us, as well as sales channels for publishers wishing to enter new markets.