LMS, LRS and Learner Data Collection

Good elearning setups include real digital books, tied into both an LRS and LMS, gathering rich data to help administrators better fill the needs of their students

An LMS (Learning Management Sytem) is an integral part of an elearning course.  There are many LMS companies around, all doing wonderful things, and most doing essentially the same thing.  So how are we different?


LMS's range from open-source Moodle to a large number of other ones, either hosted on their servers, or sometimes on yours.  Wherever it is, to return data (test results, and user activity statements) to the LMS requires the tests and "books" to be modules within its infrastructure.  

But what about exisiting textbooks and materials?  Is there an option to actually incorporate that text into your course, or does it simply exist as a "clickable item" (a PDF sitting there, waiting to be opened, copied and shared)?

We think that all parts of an elearning course should be actively incorporated, returning data where needed, and providing greater opportunities for learning.

We are early adopters of Project Tin Can, the next-generation of SCORM.  We believe that data which exists outside of an LMS should be made available to the LRS (Learning Record Store), which goes hand in hand with Tin Can.  A richer set of data can be collected using Tin Can (than SCORM), and most options exist as to how you wish to handle that data.  Once again, we are firm beleivers in flexibility and autonomy, allowing you the greatest option for both.

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