Why DEC Publishing?

Digital books on every device


Using your existing PDF and mutlimedia files, we create integrated, interactive, and secure products accessible across platforms and devices.

We work in days, not months, and have pricing plans that include no upfront costs for production.

Our technology has a proven track-record – used since 1996 and by millions around the world.

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Products & Services

Audio, video, testing/tracking & more


We cater to individual authors, publishers (large and small), training companies, libraries and database providers.  We can even provide an LMS!

We work with complex layouts (fixed-format), w/ DRM, maintaining the same experience across all devices.

We can do the work for you, or license the process to you and provide you with autonomy over the process.

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Quality & Efficiency

High quality, high speed... low cost


We use the MTC-created software package, BookOn Publish.  If you need a web and off-line solution, available locally on any device, we are ready to help.  If you are presently using PDFs but need DRM, and the inclusion of media, we are here for you.

First and foremost, as teachers, learning, efficiency, and functionality is at the core of what we do. ePub just doesn't fill those needs, in that space (education).

Events we'll attend in 2015-16

JALT (Shizuoka)(Nov 20-23)
BETT (London, UK)(Jan 20-23)

Sales Channels

We can digitize and sell your books


Need a place to sell your book?  We can provide you with end-to-end service, from digitization to sales.   We have a strategic relationship with Piron, and their Flexiguru e-learning platform. Sell your book through your site, sell it with us, or sell it through Flexiguru 

The choice is always yours.  No restrictions are placed on you... ever. You maintain all copyrights and all sales options.

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About Us


We are educators with technical know how. Located in Canada, the US, and Japan, we offer a wide range of skill sets, including: language instruction, translation, music education, and technical assistance.  We are here to help you produce the product  you need, at a price you can afford.
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For any questions or comments, please contact us via email at the address below.

E-mail: help@decpublishing.com