DECP Book Information Form

Fill out the form with the information you have. If in doubt, put your question in the blank, and we will get back to you.

TitleID is very important. The first few characters (usally 3) should identify you, or your comany. The others should be a product code or internally designated ID (product number).
This must be unique as DRM, test result tracking, etc... will be linked to this TitleID.

This is very important. Even if a location has not yet been set, we need to know the planned URL. This will point users to the corresponding Local or Web App, the purchase page, and the product information page.

If an ISBN Number is issued by DEC Publishing, we will add a "publisher's page" to the book, however, copyright is not transferred to DECP, unless specifically requested.

Test results can be tracked back to the instructor, or data can go to an LMS/LRS. If enabled, we will discuss the options.
This data will be linked to your LMS/LRS. If you do not have an existing one, we can help to provide you with an LMS/LRS.

We normally allow 2 activations per keycode. One is for a home computer (desktop or laptop), and one extra in case of emergency (HHD failure, etc...). WebApp acitvation does not count against this number (only 1 activation for Web App). We view this as the fairest option.